Hymn to Apollon

Hail to you Apollon, shining as gold upon the sea
As you grasp in your gleaming hand the stately tree
You who dwell beyond the horizon, the laurel king.
God of the transcendant note, how sweetly you sing
The hallow melody of ages gone and times to come
Falling as a river from your lips, rising as the sun.
You are stamping upon the aether with gold-shod feet,
Upon the winds and rolling waves, and the earthly seat
Of all mortality; unending is your high-stepped dance
As about the labyrinth-way you wind a holy trance.
Let one who follows your cresting road know epiphany
As gazing from the summit one may witness the symphony
That which is born from the music of soul’s ivory strings
Born in a moment, a breath, upon that which life brings.
For you dance at the edge of the sea where swans dwell,
Their sylphant voices raised to the twilight wolves hail
To you who dance above the world, beyond the griffin gate,
In the garden of Leto, beloved of Phoebe, Koios’ estate.
Hail to you Apollon, flaming as a star, lord of the free
Hail to you Apollon, shining as gold upon the sea.


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