Sunshine country

As we are preparing for our move to Florida, I must confess that I find myself in eager anticipation to be heading to the “sunshine state”. It may seem a bit cliche for a follower of Apollon to be so in love with the warm rays of the sun, but there you have it. I will cheerfully admit that heat that can just sink right down deep into the bones is something that I greatly enjoy, and makes me the happiest. I may burn easy rather than tan, but that seems sometimes almost a boon since my skin doesn’t suffer from rapid aging, and it prompts me to be a little more dilligent with sunblock on my skin since sunburns, for the short time they last, are rather painful all the same. But to live in a state enriched by the sun, a state blessed with the sweetest crops of fruits….yes I can happily call that home.

Moving to Florida also means another bonus, aside from being in a climate that caters to my sun-worshiping person (as the more sun and heat the healthier I seem to be), it also places me next to another ideal source…the ocean. Aside from my passion for swimming and playing in the waves (for which my father used to tease me when I was small that I was like his mermaid), I am pleased that I can take great delight in heralding Apollon Delphinius, as other epithets such as the god of harbors as I will once again be in a coastal position. And the breezes off the water, and even the storms I will know and recognize Apollon Telchinus. Florida indeed seems to be the ideal place for a follower of Apollon.

Upon arriving to my new home I think my first task will be to go to the beach and take a small stone, or preferably a shell if I can find one, and set it on the altar of Apollon as a confirmation of forming my tie to the land. This is something I have never felt particularly inclined to do in any of the places I have lived. All  have like that is a seashell from the island where I was born that associates to his blessings upon my birth. And though I have only been to Florida once, I am feel this desire that I must have something of this nature to add beside this humble seashell…that from one harbor I had entered into this world, that I have arrived at a destined harbor. This isn’t the first time I have meant to go to Florida and it seems finally I will be arriving someplace I should be. It is just a feeling in the core of my being.

Hail Apollon!


2 thoughts on “Sunshine country

  1. How wonderful for you! I love the heat, sunshine, and bright blue skies which is why I love the Golden State. Like you, I sunburn easily, but it’s a trade-off I willing to make.

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