Hymn to Ares

Hail to you Ares, martial, seething lord
You from whom all war’s terrors have poured
As tears have poured from sorrow’s rain
Mixing with bloodshed, the crimson stain
That becomes a lamentale river which flows
Into the terrestrial root and deeply sows
The sighs, and clamorous echoes of the dead
Deep within the broad earth’s fertile bed
From which florid life ultimately springs
All born from Thanatos’ benignant wings.
Hail to you Ares, unleasher of tormented sighs
From the high rock of the vanquished you rise
To see before you the leveled armies of men,
The ash and ruin of what was, a story maudlin:
The unwearying song of this mortal burden
Summoned again and again to what is bidden
Beneath the sheild of you who are never bending
Where they are shaken by you, the ever-changing
As a flash-fire, you who set all souls ablaze
In the crucible of the raging war’s you raise.
You, the masterful sire of Deimos and Phobos,
They whom you send among Athena and Phoebus,
You who are keeper of ravenous dragons bred
To spear men on by fear, panic and dread
To take arms for the sake of hearth and land
And before the inferno to unyeilding stand
As the dragon’s children, fiercly battling
A harsh chorus of swords upon sheilds rattling
Hail to you Ares of unsatiable thirst of rage
You who may seldom be caught in any wrought cage
Yet you are drawn and bound by golden chain,
That you, Hermes and Dike by law, restrain
Before the gates. Hail god of vigilant gaze
Hail to you, conqueror, we give our praise
For you who are unflinching ever face ahead
Seeing all before you as shadows of the dead.
Hail to you companion of mortal struggles
In austerity ever your divine sword lend.


7 thoughts on “Hymn to Ares

  1. Ares seems to be one of the neglected gods in modern worship. Unless someone is paying homage to all of the Olympians, I’ve never heard of or met someone who feels a special affinity to him. Whether that is Ares’ choice or simply a matter of modern worshipers feeling squeamish towards the worship of a god of war I can’t tell.

    • *points to Pete* there’s one for ya Nicole πŸ˜‰
      Actually I do somewhat regular worship of Ares myself, even if he isn’t one of the principle gods of my household. Alot of my own worship started largely because I was born under the zodiac sign Scorpio which is associated with the domain of this god as the sign he rules (there is a lovely altar from Gabii which indicated ancient associations between the Olympians and the signs of the zodiac which is pretty interesting). My worship of him is largely to do with him as a god who assists us in our struggles, and through those struggles allows us to develope and change…which you can probably infer from a few lines of this poem πŸ™‚
      I am not sure why he is so little worshiped to be honest. But it may also have something to do with how few military people, who would probably best recognize the beneficial face of Ares, we have among our worshipers.

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