Hymn to Apollon Marshaller of the Host

Hail Apollon, hail to you victorious one
Hail to you who are glorified by the sun
Loud-rattling, triumphant-calling god
Uplift the bow, and the spear’s lean rod
That it may glimmer bright off your sheild.
Armored god, Amyclaean, you are revealed
As the upright pillar, god of manifold sight,
Four directions illuminated by your light,
You who are the leader of men, praised Agetor.
How often do we mortals remember to adore
Your fast-striking hand which threw Python
To the dust, of which the clamarous paian
First was sung? The spirit-quickening song,
That which inspires souls and makes us strong.
For however often we may of you softly sing,
We too remember the destruction you bring,
You who weilded the aegis for Troy’s behest,
And the Achaeans, their strength you did divest,
You who shake the death-rattling song of war
Companion of Enyalios, delighter in gore.
And to you Boedromios, of the fearful cry,
Athenians honored you for making their allie
Quelling fear against Amazons on Ares’ hill;
Until Ares, slayer of men, drank his fill
Of the flowing blood, and sank slumberous
Into flowered folds of Aphrodite’s amourous
bed. So hail Apollon, to you all men pray
To bring victory and drive ill harm away
For you exceed in every show of contest.
For when Herakles tried from you to wrest
Away your sacred seat, it was all for vain.
No matter how much he would fight or strain
There you grappeled with him in such might
Shaking mountains by your uproarous fight
That nought could seperate you arm from arm
Not the pleas of Artemis nor Leto’s charm.
Yet Zeus’ bright firebrand, which cracks
Upon earth and sky, severed you as an ax
Striking between two uprooting entangled oaks
And only then could you be soothed and coaxed
To lay aside your wrath. So to you we pray,
You who shine forth as the unconquerable day,
You who, in the first Olympics did outrun
Hermes, Zeus’ swiftfooted and most wily son;
Nor can you be conquered by brutish strength
For at the games you did face at length
Ares, Obrimos who is great in his might,
And together you sparred with fists in fight.
Ever as you circled, as two eagles warring
Advancing, retreating, and as lions roaring
In a precise dance of martial choreography
Until you, fleet-footed, falcon-striking lord
Layed low insatiable Ares to your victor’s award.
So hail to you Apollon, falcon-eyed Paian
You who strike victorious, favor this human.
Bring forth your just aid to my contests
To uplift my heart, and victory upon me bless.


4 thoughts on “Hymn to Apollon Marshaller of the Host

    • lol And that is a great compliment! Thank you! I realized it didn’t have Ares in as much as I had initially thought it would, but I am remedying that with what will hopefully turn into a new poem for Ares if all goes well ๐Ÿ™‚
      Still I enjoyed writing this a great deal. I do often get the oppertunity to mingle mythic scenes in my poems, so it was a fun experiment ๐Ÿ™‚

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