(poem) Apollon Telchinus, Summoner of winds

Hail Apollon, hail ineffable king of light
Hail to you lord garlanded in purity white
In whom starry Delos does ceaselessly rejoice
In the blessed current of your sweeping voice
Issuing your fiery breath upon the earth
A solar wind bringing spring’s tender birth
As you, with long stride, summon to the air
The attendance of Zephyrus with dewy hair,
Youth-loving, dancing joyously at your side
As perfumed flowers are to your altar applied.
Nevertheless has it not been too often sung
With bitter-sweetness drawn from every tongue
When spring flowers loose their tender bloom
To hail spring’s end at Hyakinthos tomb.
Yet, like a lion your rise on golden breeze
Shining forth, rayed, upon the lands and seas
With sword of gold, and sheild gleaming bright
You pierce the cool darkness of mother night
That you may embrace by your gleaming arms
The earth, enchanted by the ringing charms
Of your voice, that the misty vapors rise
At the exhalation of the earth’s limpid sighs
As to you the droning grasshoppers laguidly sing
Their slumberous sighs flying on ivory wing
As wheaten heads draw their gold by your grace
And the burning sun glorifies your shining face
‘Til at last Notos of the loud-pouring vase
Wings forth across the heavens to his cause.
Forthwith you mix the storm-bringing winds
Howling one, wolfish god, Telchinus we praise
The cultivator of the ripened fruits you raise
As upon your dragon-yoked chariot you soar
Like a winged falcon skimming above the shore
With lightning thundering behind your advance
And the wind whips carrying the hallow song
From your shepherd pipes as it rushes along
Until in its heightening fervor you call at last
The wind issued of Boreas’ northernly blast.
As his conch shell moans and cold rain sweep
Aloft, swan-born you travel beyond his keep
Afar you go, to the place where winds sleep.
Hail Apollon, far-shooter of the whistling dart
On currents dancing, celebrant by your art.


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