Hymn to Apollon Telchinus

Hail Apollon, Hail Telchinus, howling god
Hail to you dancing about the lightning rod
You who stirs the gusty winds to gale
To scream, to whip, to billow and flail
Across the cresting sea where ships ride
And shaking the harbors in a torrential tide,
So raises the mighty wind of storms you bring
Racing through the mountains on silver wing
To the vales where the fragrant laurels shake
Each glossy leaf singing in its rattling quake.
Hail to you swift flying god of sibilant voice
Sail-filling lord in whom seamen rejoice;
And the sweet breezes that you gently send
Are hailed as a blessed gift across the land.
So hail to you king, hail to you solar breath
Hail to you lord of life before the gate of death
Praise to you lord of lyric voice whom I pledge
Gryphon-seated flutist at the horizon edge
You, whistling summoner of the court of Aeolus
Wide-winged father of the celebrants of Corybas.
Mystic father of singing Corybantes, to you I pray
Rider of gleaming currents, born by the sun’s ray
Deliverer from the storms of terror, to you I sing
Hail Euboian and Rhodian, hail breathful king
Hail Samothrakian, mystic-singer, chorus-leader
Hail to you, Telchinus, perfumed with cedar
Hail Apollon, fiery-breathing, laurel crowned
Hail to you to great lord, magnificent, renowned.


2 thoughts on “Hymn to Apollon Telchinus

  1. Every time I read one of your poems it makes me feel a little bit closer to the gods. Like Suz, I truly believe at some point your writing will be viewed as one of the “classics” of our age,

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