the shrine of Apollon and Artemis

Largely because of space issues (I just haven’t had that many shelves and available table tops) Apollon and Artemis have been sharing shrine space in one united shrine. On many occassions it works out quite well because I can make prayers and libations to both together, and it feels tied togethr with the representation of Leto there too. It just seems so very *right* sometimes and quite convenient for when I wish to pray to the family so to speak.

But over time it has been gradually trickling into my brain that I pray to, and give libations to, Apollon alot more than Artemis, and it just seems to be awkward…like maybe I am ignoring Artemis who is right there beside him. I know in reality it is a non-issue. I seriously doubt the gods care even the tiniest bit. But it just seems to me that if I am going to spend more time addressing them seperaely than I am praying to them together, perhaps it would be a good idea then to move Artemis to the shelf just below Apollon’s (and adjust the placement of other statues accordingly). Therefore it would possible to pray to them together as part of a single shrine, and yet being on two seperate shelves they will be seperate shrines too.

Seperating the shrine would be little work. Leto would naturally go on Artemis’ shrine largely because Leto is often depicted as being a companion to her daughter Artemis more commonly than she is shown with Apollon. Everything else is pretty much already divided out on their perspective sides so it would just be a matter of moving Artemis’ side downward. This will in no means reduce the worship to Artemis, but will rather just give her own seperate area of worship as she had before.


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