considering Zeus

Today it is a gray rainy winter day, the rain is pouring down hard enough to make a rapid rhythme on my roof. All of the sky is obscurred with dense gray clouds. It is days like these that I think of Zeus is within and invigorating all things in the world even as the rain drops into the earth where it is absorbed to become part of a large network of underground water and watertables that enrich our earth. When it is rainy I appreciate just how different Zeus is from some concept of a far heavenly deity. He is the king of gods and men not because he is reigning from afar, but because he is intimately apart of all things in our world, fertilizing the earth and bringing forth plenty. He is Zeus Kteosis who dwells in or households protecting the prosperity therein with the very substances that rise from the gifts he gives us. He issues forth the cornucopia, the horn of plenty from the nanny goat who nursed him as an infant, bring nature’s prosperity to all of mankind. When it is raining I imagine the season as the bull of Zeus, furrowing the earth, purifying and fertilizing it, particularly in this climate in which the cold rainy days are merely a predecessor to spring in the south, lacking the frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall. But even as a born and raised Alaskan I can appreciate the snow, the buildup of which is necessary for prosperity during the season of growing. God is in the rain, and the rain brings the blessing of Zeus, infusing the world, feeding the rivers and streams (many of which were considered sacred). The world is as a great basket into which the gifts of Zeus is poured, and these gifts come in the rain. Even glass, one of the greatest gifts of nature to civilization is born of Zeus’s gift within the earth. When it is said that Zeus is within all things, it is not because everything is literally part of some monotheistic view of Zeus, but rather that nothing would be, nothing would flourish without Zeus interacting within all facets of our world. As the wine brings the blessings of the gods to the souls of men, the rain of Zeus is divine blessings to all the world and all living beings within it. It seems to me that Dionysos is great because he is doing something of the work of Zeus is more a specialized in directed manner, acting within Zeus’s domain and part of its function. So hail Zeus, rain bringer.

4 thoughts on “considering Zeus

  1. oh you gave me goosebumps! Spamming this one around and about!

    “The world is as a great basket into which the gifts of Zeus is poured, and these gifts come in the rain.” Many great, stitch-worthy quotes, but this is my favorite.

    • Awwwww! Now I think that is the coolest thing I have ever heard in response to one of my posts. And feel free stitch anything you like..I would love to see the result if you decide to use that or anything else lol.
      And thanks for the shares! You ladies are just awesome!

  2. This was such an amazingly breath-taking post. I, like Aj, will definitely be sharing this with as many people as I can find. I’ll say I never really had a “relationship” with Zeus as much as I do with other gods- he seemed aloof and out of reach to me; but when I finally “felt” his presence it was rock solid, unmovable, and completely confident. I think he passed a little of that on to me or at least showed me how to trust a male authority figure.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    • Thanks hon 🙂 I am really glad you liked it.
      While Apollon was the first of the male gods with whom I developed a close relationship with (and this after a good decade of being an devoted Artemis fan-girl), I have to agree with you on this about Zeus. Spending half of my life on an island gave me a strong impression and healthy respect for Poseidon, but I didn’t have a particularly strong relationship with any of the “elder” gods. It is probably a mix of what you said above and my own intimidation. But my first real experience of Zeus when I visited Olympia changed everything for me. And while I have a stronger connection to Apollon, there is a reason why Apollon, Artemis, Zeus and Hera are the foremost in my domestic worship 🙂

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