Tritomenis and preparing for Poseidonia

So today is Tritomenis, a monthly celebration of Athena’s birthday. The beginning of the new lunar month is always so fun in this respect. You have the noumenia in honor of all the gods of the household, Selene and Apollon Noumenios (and I haven’t recently been given some new ideas about that which I will use next month that will turn Noumenia into a feast day for the household and some sort of pork food in honor of Apollon Noumenios who was traditionally sacrificed a pig…who knew?!). And then this is followed by a sacrifice day to the Agathos Daimon, and then after that we get a slew of  monthly “birthday” celebrations for the gods in the household worship! So this first half of the month is always a lot of fun 🙂 And it gives me a grand excuse for using my frankincense! Despite my father’s complaints, I don’t use it ALOT. I use it for important rituals and festivals only. Regular prayers I do on a twice daily basis are just libations of oil and water. So he doesn’t have to tolerate the dense cloud of frankincese ALL the time lol. But I do admit for this first part of the lunar month it does get used daily hehehe.

Other than monthly goodness, I am also looking forward to two major festivities coming up…the natalis of Dionysos and the Poseidonia. Good foods and good times for all! Poseidonia is traditionally a winter solstice festival that is said to have had evolved into a 16 day festival beginning at the winter solstice and extending into January. But I think I will reserve it as mostly a one day event which will probably give us enough leftovers to be feasting for the next 16 days following lol.

As fish was often used in cousine for this time of the year (my own paternal family of Sicilian decent from my great grandfather who imigrated to the US, loaded down the tables with seafood and a large stuffed salmon for the main course) there will be fishy type foods naturally! I am already getting ready to make my family’s cherished salmon dip (sadly with canned salmon since I not living in an area with accessible fresh salmon of reasonable price). This recipe of course can be modified for just about any type of seafood such as shrimp, other kinds of fish etc.

But good foods aside it is the time to honor Poseidon, and Demeter and Artemis too, in Poseidon’s agrarian aspects as the god who brings the rushing waters. It is time of relvery and happiness, and as Artemis (in her aspect as the daughter of Demeter and Poseidon) was the goddess of the portal, we can celebrate two the birth of new year’s sun. Of course for Dionysia there will be a whole nother feast coinciding with the christian christmas in which we will have ham and sweets.

Ah I love this time of the year!


3 thoughts on “Tritomenis and preparing for Poseidonia

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  2. Perhaps oddly, my Poseidea festival tends to be a one-day long affair, too, rather than a lengthy to-do. This is largely because Yule for our family as a loooong affair, and Poseidon, being part of the family, gets co-opted by that instead. So my own private day set aside for Him during this month is, well, low-key and private. Though, this year, low-key seems to be an understatement for how relaxed everything is. Which is nice and needed.

    • Indeed, I can see how it would be better to have it as a one day affair when there is really so much festivities going on! And the there is a festival after christmas to Poseidon too, so it is not like he is not getting lots of love lol. I know that with all the different festivities in my own household I really don’t know how I would have an event for Poseidon extending several days…but one article I read did seem to infer that the festival itself wasn’t necessary *all* for Poseidon. So it is possible that a number of festivals are lumped collectively as Poseidea as a succession of festivities which was kicked off by the festival to Poseidon 🙂

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