reality vs aspiration

There was a question that came up on a forum in which a person essentially asked if it made sense to honor a god who embodied characteristics that one aspired to or must we give worship dealing with gods who are directly related to the reality of who we are and our lives as they are. I said it is quite logical to do both, I have shrines to gods that are instrumental in my daily life and person, and I have shrines to some gods with whom I don’t have personally much in common but because the embody some quality that I would like more of in my life, and then there are some gods that meet both definitions that I have shrines for…an obvious one would be Apollon. He is very much a part of my personal identity and life, but also embodies characteristics that I don’t personally have but admire and would like to attain. However I don’t think that person understood my answer so this made me think more of the subject that I have never given a great deal of thought to.

First of all I do believe that gods we have continuous spiritual contact with, specifically a god which greatly influences your soul, can “rub off” on the soul. Or rather that through attraction and unification with the god on a spiritual level we may absorb some of these characteristics. So therefore there are gods that are going to naturally have been part of a continuous contact with the soul and the result of such contact over lifetimes is going to manifest in the person. Therefore it is absolutely logical for people to give further worship to these gods which already have profound influence in their lives. This is something that seems to be recognized by a great many people since this specific idea has come up in conversation before.

That said it seems logical that if there is something of a god, some quality, that attracts you, that you experience this attraction and wish to emulate this in your life, it is reasonable to consider that drawing yourself closer to this deity may impact you to a degree spiritually. To draw an example from a recent post, when I began to honor Aphrodite I found a personal balance that I had not prior experienced, and when I found this it began to have influence on my person and how I saw the world, and continues to do so as I honor her and allow her inflence in my life. Therefore I can see a marked difference between the person I am today and who I was two years ago, and definently between who I am and who I was in my hectic youth. Some may consider this just “growing up” but I also see it as an adjusting to how I relate to the world and myself via the influence of Aphrodite. Does this mean I am, or ever will be, a raving beauty? No, of course not, though I do think it has made my personality more attractive hahaha. Nor does it mean that I have developed some overt fascination with romance, love or sex. Meanwhile I find that it enriches my relationship with Apollon for reasons more or less explained in my previous post regarding the relationship between Apollon and Aphrodite. Worshiping a god that you aspire towards is I believe intricately linked to yor relationship to the gods you worship in a more personal sense just because that the gods have very complex relationships with each other. Therefore there is nothing that calls for one over the other.


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