Proerosia 2011

This was my first time celebrating Proerosia, and it is usually because I forget and then remember the following day when Pyanepsia rolls around. But this year I was on top of things, which is in part thanks to an incredible network of reminders! Unfortunately as with all first time rituals things didn’t exactly go off without a hitch. I discovered that the barley I had thought I had somehow disappeared. So I was without barley to make the drink for Demeter which is discussed in her hymn (the water, barley, and pennyroyal mixed together according to the english translation). I already knew I didn’ thave the pennyroyal but I figured I would substitute that with honey which is a not uncommon offering for Demeter. But alas the barley was gone so I ended up dissolving the honey in water and setting the dish on the altar while I waited for the proper moment to give the libation. In good mood for the ritual I was thus inspired also to write a poem for Triptolemus who is a divine being associated with the planting season. In addition I had picked out a whole slew of poems from the Orphic Hymns including the poems to Pluto, Sabazios, Artemis etc.

I did notice that if I lit the candle under the burner and left it going through the invocational hymns at the beginning of the ritual then it does almost get hot enough to melt the frankincense (or at least softens it considerably so that what is left of it pretty much dissolves when the libations are added. The effect was rather different than what I had expected from my experience with the equinox. Rather than the bittersweet somberness of the latter ritual, this one was imbued with a current of subtle energy humming. It was rather unlifting in of and of itself! And so that was my Proerosia. Bless Proerosia to everyone and I pray that everyone has a great Pyanepsia tommorow! More on Pyanepsia tommorow night!


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