PPD 2011

Truly I had a great time at the PPD, and I met some wonderful folks among the Pan devotees and a lovely stregonera who helped me set up (and donated some honeyed wine for the occassion for libations). The only downfall was that my printer ran out of ink so I wasn’t able to print out 50 brochures like I wanted to do, which resulted in the fact that half way through the festival someone decided to take home the brochure. But I was happy to see how many folks stopped by the Apollon altar and paid their respects to the god. Such a nice fairwell for him in the final celebration of the autumn equinox. In fact, when I went to pour the libations onto the earth at the end of the festival I was pleased at just how full it was (and as hot as it was it is possible that some of it may have very well evaporated). I was also pleased with how much folks liked the paintings I brought, both that for the Apollon altar and the one I donated to the Pan devotee group Panoleptos. And even I got a chuckle that a child less than 3 years of age won the Pan painting in the raffle 😉 Her daddy proudly proclaimed that it would go in her bedroom next to her Pan statue. So I know it is going to a good home where his painted beneficial gaze will watch over her as she grows.

Another point that really brought me pleasure is that I was introduced to a young boy (about 9 years old) from the Heathen community who adored the Hellenic gods. So I spent some time talking with him and showed him about the Apollon shrine. And because I was so delighted with him (really he has alot of information stock piled which I found impressive) that I gave him the small painting of Apollon Karneios. I never saw such a face light up. He promptly brought his siblings over to see the shrine too. Apollon I am quite certain delighted in the children clustering around his shrine…and there weren’t any shortage of young pretty girls visiting it either hehehe.

So overall it was a great success I think, and I have the pleasure of meeting some wonderful folks from the various groups…Heathen, Hellenic etc. And the neighbor I went with is interested in stopping by for study lessons and Hellenic rituals. A worship partner… finally… yes! Not to mention that my art got alot of exposure which may have set me up more or less for when I have my table at the Yuletide Bazaar (I just have to make sure to do images inclusive of other Pantheons as well…especially Egyptian and Heathen in addition to the Hellenic. So in short the day was not only a success, it totally rocked!


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