A small shrine to Aphrodite

Very few gods in my home have their own shrines. I mean my Herm has he small spot beside my doorway but I don’t think that really counts as a shrine. Apollon, Artemis, Zeus and Hera are the four that do as these four are the most important gods in my household worship and the four that receives the most attention from me. Dionysos is more or less added to Zeus’s shrine. The way it generally works out is that I ended up loving Zeus (and Dionysos) rather out of the blue that I suspect has something to do with the relationship between Zeus (and Dionysos) with Apollon. Artemis is a no brainer, and Hera really isn’t either all considered. Then of course there is the fact that my daughter is particularly fond of Zeus and Hera herself. So how does Aphrodite fit in?

Well I could take the easy way out and say that I set up Aphrodite for my daughter since she is also fond of Aphrodite, except that I had a small shrine set up for her since before my daughter started taking an interest in her. This happened largely because I never had any idea how mischevious Aphrodite’s sense of humor can be if you ignore her (clearly I did not read Hippolytus yet either). After a failed marriage, and a handful of brief relationships in my early twenties that were just a mess I decided that Aphrodite was playing with me and set up a shrine to her in my bedroom. At that time is consisted of nothing more than a goosefeather, a small candle in the shape of a cupid, and a print of psyche and eros together.

Today she is in the living room and her shrine has expanded a bit more since then. It includes a bust of Aphrodite, a smaller one of Eros, her goosefeathers, a magnolia seedpod, pearls, and various odds and ends, including a teaset because I associate the familial affection and coming together during teatime with Aphrodite. This provides a balance in my life that is for certain and Aphrodite more or less rules the living room (along with Hestia for other reasons). It just goes to show you don’t have to be a big devotee of a deity to have a shrine, sometimes it is more or less for peace of mind and acknowledgment than anything else. Aphrodite is the mother of Harmony and let there be peace!


2 thoughts on “A small shrine to Aphrodite

  1. Ah, Lovely Aphrodite! We are still bare-bones in the living space of our apartment: two big bookcase doubling as shrine space, most of our shelves still packed away. So, we have the Odin shrine up, the Poseidon shrine up, and the Beloved Dead shrine up, and that’s about it. Of the other shrines waiting to go up, the one I miss the most is the one for Aphrodite. She’ll be going on the wall (a certain print of a certain painting a certain friend painted years ago) with a small shelf for offerings and such, since space is limited and we’ve got the critters. It’s sad that after being here half a year I still don’t have things up exactly as i wanted them, but we’re getting there.

    Thanatos will be getting one, too, which I didn’t expect but considering the project I’m beginning, it’s not surprising.

  2. Well it sounds like you have some fun ahead of you then 🙂 Every time I get another box of my shrine and altar stuff I am like a child at christmas lol. Stuff that I hadn’t seen in a while, and have been missing, I delight in removing from the newspaper and bubble wrap. I know exactly what you mean about space. My shrines for Apollon and Artemis, and the family altar are the only things at ground level…everything else is on shelves. My aphrodite shrine in fact is on a corner shelf. I highly recommend corner shelves since they seem to use this space quite well!

    Thanatos huh? What brought that on? 🙂

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