Apollon…herald of fear & weilder of the aegis

In my book Crowned with Nine Rays I discussed to some degree the role of the aegis in the relationship between Apollon, Athena and their father Zeus. One thing I had commented on is that while Apollon weild the aegis from time to time and so carries forth fear in order to bring terror to the opposing forces in support of the welfare of the home force, he is not a god who *possesses* the aegis in so much that Zeus and Athena have hold of the aegis. Rather Apollon’s relationship with the aegis seems to be very particular and very specific. Most notably, the in Iliad we see Apollon given the aegis of his father to weild for a brief time in order that the Trojans may have the upperhand briefly pushing the Achaeans back behind the walls they erected in front of their encampment. Aside from this we also see a more subtle feature in the Boedromia in honor of Apollon Boedromios. This was said to be rooted in the Athenian-Amazon war in which Theseus before staging a defensive attack against the Amazons waited for the judgement of Apollon (which is not atypical considering the oracle was often consulted) and for which Apollon suggested that in defense of their city that they should counterattack with the alliance of Fear (my paraphrase). Thereby there is a subtle alliance between fear (which is invoked by the aegis) and Apollon Boedromios. And this is made more apparent in which Boedromia is said to have come from “boe” which was a shout that was said to invoke fear, and thus this fearful call is part of Apollon’s name. In my chapter regarding Apollon Boedromios I go on further to speak of Apollon in his relationship to Ares as the Marshaller of Forces in which such function would have been highly valued…to bolster the confidence of the people and bringer terror…for which purpose the Paian was also used. Though this doesn’t speak as explicity of bearing the aegis as we see directly in the Iliad, it is an interesting link between Apollon and the medium of fear which the aegis was believed to invoke. And something to mentally chew on in preparing for Boedromia.

Especially considering what role fear plays in our lives and in our personal development…often by which a mastery of fear is beneficial. Apollon gives us some insight to mastery of fear which is necessary for progress.

3 thoughts on “Apollon…herald of fear & weilder of the aegis

  1. You know, I would love to read your thoughts on Apollon’s (Sorry I usually use ‘Apollo’ ~ Is Apollon the correct form?) connection to Pan. It’s something I’m very interested in as Mapnonus has some very definite similarities to Pan in my experience so since the Romans often equated Maponus with Apollo the connection with Pan has always interested me. Have you written about his before as I’d love to have a read? 🙂

    • I made some general associations between Apollon Karneios (the ram horned Apollon) and Pan, but I plan to write a brief bit on that either tonight or tommorow morning on my blog to go a little more into it. If you want to see what I have already written in reference to Apollon Karneios go to my website listed on my blog called Apollon’s Lyre 🙂

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