Apollon Telchinios

As Hurricane Irene moves ever closer I find myself thinking of four gods in particular. Poseidon, as the bringer of the sea-storms, of Zeus the thunderer and bringer of torrentual rains, Hera Telchinia and Apollon Telchinios. This is nothing too greatly new for me. There have been many storms that have come this summer that when they have become violent enough had me praying to Apollon Telchinios, Hera Telchinia (for Hera and Apollon were revered by the mythic Telchines, masters of storms, at Rhodes though ironically both Zeus and Apollon are credited with the destruction of Telchines, the former by inundations and the latter in the form of a wolf) and Zeus.

It may certainly seem odd to honor Apollon in association with storms, but there is plenty of evidence of the god associated particularly with winds from the “divine wind” that was said to possess the oracle, to even a loose connection between himself and Zephyrus in regards to the myth of Hyakinthos. That Apollon and Zeus are credited with the destruction of the “civilization” of the Telchines from which a handful were said to have fled, and yet were honored can almost smack of the little bit of wisdom “play with the fire and you’ll get burned. Those Telchines who are malicious in myth were the storm conjurers and were known to destroy plants and animals versus their more beneficial counterparts (these strike me almost quite similar to Djinn as fiery-wind type (versus the watery-wind of the mediteranean) who were likewise divided into accordance to a class of beneficial and malivolent spirits). Therefore Apollon and Zeus destroying them is quite ironic if we consider the torrents of Zeus paired with the ravenous (wolf-like) winds of Apollon. Winds are interesting character in themselves of which I place water currents into the same category as being of the same entity in general just in two different bodies of “water” (one liquid and the other gaseous). What is particularly interesting is just how beneficial and yet devistating these currents can be…especially when there is a remarkable change in them. So while at every storm I naturally give prayer to Zeus and the bringer of torrents, the lightning-weilder, I do not forget Apollon Telchinios when the gusts rattle the house. Though I think I became more familiar with this when I lived in “Tornado Alley” in the midwest! Still in the advent of storms I pray to them along with Hera who brings bountiful rains, in order to pray for little damage and a quick passing, if it cannot be directed away.

Even on a few occassions when I had to walk home to work and the rain was threatening to fall and I begged and pleaded for it to not storm until I had nearly arrived home (which I was happy to see happen). But with the advent of the hurricane I am offering prayers to to Poseidon. This Hurricane experience is a bit different from my last one. This time I am in a position of relative safety since I am living further in land. Though Irene should hit here Saturday morning we may not experience much more here than some gusts and a bit of rain. Last time, with Katrina, I was rigt in New Orleans! But all the same I pray that the storm shall not be too severe, or even better perhaps that the winds push it back out into the Atlantic (which is a possibility though a slim one).


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