Daphnephoros painting

I am truly delighting in this painting I have been working on of Apollon Daphnephoros. I often just work on it when I have some paint of some hue left over from the Titans/Zagreus commission that seems to work. Such as the prussian blue of the capes of Koios and Krios suddenly was used for the serpentine form of the vanquished Python curled around the sienna colored omphalos. And the goldenrod yellow that I adorned Theia with became the background of the painting for Daphnephoros, the warm light of the sun over which the green leaves of the laurel shall be painted. Light enters throughout and purifies. And like wise a general hue in Apollon’s hair. Though the colors are simple there is something just so capitvating about this image of Apollon.

Perhaps it is the way he appears to be looking down kindly through his eyelashes, and the smile that curves his lips. Or is it the somewhat exageratted coif of his hair. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I got a bit more familiar with rendering male anatomy with these recent paintings that gives him the filled out strength of an athletic youth rather than lending a muscle-bound appearance. There is just something about it, and an essence of eternal kindness as he pours out the libation to the earth from his cup. Apollon is a god of great compassion as the purifier and destroyer of corruption. Hail to him who recieves the initiates and purifies them beside the sea. Hail Apollon Daphnephoros.


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