Morning and Evening prayers

So in my last post I talked about savoring the morning with prayer, and now I wanted to talk about morning and evening prayers in general. I have more or less further developed the way I am doing things that works out best for me, and found it to be quite beneficial. The prayers in the morning leave me focused, calm and alert, while prayers in the evening calm my mind into restfulness so that I have no problem immediately dropping off to sleep, though I must say I have had some rather odd dreams LOL. But that said I have dropped into a nice rhythm of how my morning and evening prayers go.

First I go to the small shrine of Apollon, Artemis and Leto and give them incense and pray. I speak to Apollon first (for obvious reasons) addressing him by those epithets that are most meaningful to me and why they are (for example Agyieus, god of the roads, and Delphinius, grasper of the prow <as in the prow of a boat>. Here are teh epithets I address at this point (subject to change if I add more epithets in there which I may as time goes by there is no telling): Karneios (I always start with Karneios), Agyieus, Delphinios, Daphnephoros, Phosophoros. Then I speak to Artemis: Kourotrophoi, Agrotera, Dictynna. And lastly I address Leto, the mother.

After this, with the incense still burning there, I go to the family altar and get myself settled where I pray to all the gods of the household, and the Olympians who acting upon the soul and the laws they govern. I start with Hestia and conclude with Demeter. IΒ then address any other deities of the household who are not among the Olympians, followed by a bit of water and scented oil that I offer in libation. It is at this family altar that I spend some time in silence, I am trying to arrange a kind of meditating spot perhaps in front of the family altar. Afterwards I am getting ready for my day. Then I repeat this same formula in the evenings before bed. Naiadis gave me a great idea regarding tea or coffee as part of morning ritual, but I am not sure yet how exactly I am going to fit this in. I will have to give it some thought.


8 thoughts on “Morning and Evening prayers

  1. I have been offering Maponus some of my coffee in the morning, first thing, for some time, and I’ve recently extended that to a morning offering for the gods and spirits. As you say, I find it brings my day into focus πŸ™‚

    • I had to google Maponus πŸ™‚ In any case it does look like you have something great started up. I looked at your blog and I saw that your primary shrine is in the kitchen, which doubtlessly makes it easier for that kind of involvement. Since everything in my house is far far away from the kitchen I am trying to find a way to incorporate coffee into this. I am still tossing it about my mind πŸ™‚ But I think that any kind of daily activity that allows us to begin our day focusing on the gods is great!

      • The choice of coffee was simply because that is how I start my day and it seemed a perfect way to express that I wish for the gods to share in my life πŸ™‚
        My devotions to Maponus are always outside in the garden, then I come back inside to do my morning prayer to the gods. The kitchen shrine is undoubtedly my most used one though I also have small shrines in my bedroom for Maponus (again!) Nehalennia, Rhiannon, Lugus and the Ancestors and Spirits of the Home. They are all more personal though so I think better suited out of general sight. I also use the kitchen shrine to light candles to Briganti while I cook so it’s a definite focal point.
        We follow different paths but I find your blog really inspiring, your sincerity is evident!

      • In all honesty I probably would have my family altar in the living room if I didn’t have my father staying with me, as of this point in time everything is more or less in my bedroom. I would love to have a space outside to do prayers to the gods as well, that is definently something for the future when I have my own property with a yard!
        Thank you, I am glad that you are enjoying it πŸ™‚ I was going to subscribe to yours but I wasn’t altogether sure how to do that since I am not familiar with blogger lol.

  2. My spending time with Poseidon in the morning started (erg, oh my goodness) over a decade ago with morning orange juice or water. My list of immediate family as far as the gods and spirits go isn’t nearly as involved as yours, nor is it as formal. My morning routine is: get up, shower, stagger into clothing and shoes and something on my head, put water on, walk the dog (except for the next month, while he’s convelasing), come home in time to steep tea and make breakfast. The rule is, I have to make my cup of tea and then I share that with Poseidon by both pouring some into a special cup I have for him and also sitting and drinking and focusing my mind on him. It’s extremely low-key, extremely internal. It’s a few moments of “just us” time that goes such a long way in making me be okay for the day.

    • I have done *something* for the greater part of the last five or six years I believe, but it was really informal and rather just nothing more than a kiss and a brief prayer and I was done. So it has certainly evolved since then πŸ™‚ I have to say that my morning prayer at my shrine is a bit different from the prayer at the family altar because the prayer at the family altar is about how the gods in Orphics related to the passage of the soul, so I am using this in addressing them as gods honored by the house (and the temple of the soul) going through the zodiac wheel so its purpose is largely to honor those gods which are acting upon the soul to bring balance and progress through my actions of the day. And I always end with the more intimate addresses to those gods that are particularly honored in the home (Zeus, Hera, Apollon, Artemis, Poseidon and Aphrodite) with the libations. In contrast at the shrine it is just a bit of incense, an address through epithets that are meaningful, and then some time just visiting and speaking with them as I feel inclined. With the shrine it is more personal “us” time, and at the family altar it tends to be more meditative etc. So different things for different times.
      I really like the schedule that you have, and I think that can be wonderful to have something like that included in the daily works, a sit down and tea/coffee time. I already have a tea set on my shrine to Aphrodite that was part of my plan to make tea time (which is a family thing) as part of the harmonic love that Aphrodite brings to the household. This is usuallyin the evening though. Maybe I should get a special coffee cup for Apollon in the A.M. I know of someone else who does this too for Hestia πŸ˜‰
      All in all I don’t think it matters how formal or less formal the daily routine is, but what is most important is that it is meaningful to us to the greatest measure to bring a positive influence upon our lives. And we will often approach this in different ways πŸ™‚

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