Altar in a bag/altar on the go

I wanted to expand upon this briefly as something I had mentioned elsewhere and got some positive feedback regarding it. Some years ago I had a small leather bag which I called my altar in a bag. It was a bag I had hand-sewn made of leather (decorated of course) that was made of round peice with cloth attached to the opposite side and removable thread which could pull it closed like a coin purse. But when open it would lay as a flat circle as a makeshift altar. Inside this pack I kept a small vial for libation (which I would refill shortly after using it), and small representations of the gods. Since I didn’t have any mini statuettes (but I have seen these online and think that they may work if I could afford them) I used physical representations. For Hera I had the eye of a peacock feather, an acorn for Zeus, a string of pearls for Aphrodite, a miniature bow made from a twig and string for Artemis, a stone with a hole through it for Apollon, a seashell from the island I was born for Poseidon..and some other things that I just can’t remember anymore. This bag was large enough to be functionable but small enough that it could be slipped inside my purse, and there were even some occassions where I just looped the ends of the ties for the bag and slide my belt through it. This served a two-fold purpose. One it was like having something sacred with me at all times, and two I felt I was able to do a ritual or prayer as I desired to at any time (granted it is not necessary to have this for a ritual or prayer but it was nice). I didn’t even have to unfold it for a brief prayer. I just held the bag in my hands or set it before me while I was on the go knowing that there was something of each of the gods within. I may do this again because I am a tactile person who enjoys something physical to focus on 😉


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