Metageitnia 2011

Metageitnia was quite lovely this year, though if I could have done anything differently I would have made sure to have bought some fruit. I had no way to the store sadly (something which is going to change this week so I won’t run into this problem again). Normally I have in the center of the altar a cornucopia (aka horn of althaea) full of fruits (especially grapes) of which I would offer to the gods and eat some myself. Still I did print out all the little flags. In the past I had nothing more than a seashell from the island where I was born (which like my cornucopia is not here at the moment), but I have been deciding to incorporate flags too because these are symbolic quite visually of the progression of our families, and of where we have come from, contributing to who we are as much biologically as the identies we held in past lifetime contribute to who we are today.

Throughout the ritual I kept in mind that this unity, and coming together that we experience as societies and individuals, is just a small reflection of the greater unity that our souls seek with the gods. As one who adores Apollon this makes the festival even more significant to me in addition to his predominance over the occassion. And there too Athena, who is instrumental to bringing together, and is of close relation to Apollon. They are working together in close collaboration on our spiritual development. the feel of this ritual almost had a character of softness to it, of comfort and love. Like being surrounded by the loving arms of family. It is no after last year I was eager to repeat it again this year 🙂 I have just had alot more research between then and now lol.

To see a picture go to Apollon’s Lyre to check it out.


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