the gods and civics

I had recently read the opinion that the gods are not interested in our civic affairs and take no part in them, and therefore all what we accomplish in regards to law and legislature is solely of a human invention. I am not entirely sure how I feel about this. It is certain that in the councils and places of meeting that certain gods were particularly honored, most especially Zeus and Apollon as I believe Pausanias described them being depicted in such a place together with Demos. This certainly implies that the gods are not entirely apart from the civic forum. Likewise Apollon was also consulted at his oracle regularly in the matter of civic law. Perhaps this is most notable in memory in the cases of Lycurgus who on many occassion affirmed his laws with the temple, and as Theseus was said to have also consulted on the part of Athens when he brought them together and abolished the old kingships. This certainly doesn’t strike me that the gods take no part in the matter of law.

That said, being human, and quite fallable, we are capable of making the most horrendous laws that violate the laws of nature. We are capable of ignoring the principles of freedom and equality, and even justice. In this respect we are in our civilization’s social-civic arena more than able to de-evolve our social conciousness. The gods do not need to take matters into their hands regarding this for we hurt ourselves more than any punishment that can be afforded to us, though I do believe that the most horrible tyrants among us have some kind of punishment leveled at them for abusing the laws of nature by abusing their fellows in humanity.  Therefore there is a difference between the horrendous acts instigated and followed with full understanding of wrongdoing and turning away from the principle of light which brings enlightenment and evolution, and the civilization at large that is de-evolved by a corrupt infiltration into the body of the state.

Therefore as being mindful of the laws of nature and as we progress and becoming more aware of what is righteous and good, we are responsible civically to act upon this. As I wrote on my website recently, Plutarch derived Apollon from apella, the meeting place of the community council. Therefore under the governance of Apollon we are all free and given equal voice in our communities in accord to nature’s production of all beings as being of equal value, therefore we are all equal to each other. Unfortunately the USA is a  bit stuck in her development from my point of view. So much of the noble things that our country embraced by the theory that no one was subject to hierarchy and that we are all masters of our own fate, it has long been swallowed up by capitalism and the idea not of equality, family and fraternity, but stuck in a dreadful phase of usary and worship of the almighty dollar. We are stuck in our progress but we as a civilization are given the self-determination in what direction we wish to go, and truly believe that the gods are watching to see what progress we make together, and what is corrupting us in attempt to de-evolve our society. But more importantly how we acknowledge what is right and just, and what forces are working against these things.

In short, no I don’t agree…I do think that the gods are concerned to some degree in our civic affairs. I don’t think that the civic laws we have come from the gods to speak, but I do think the voices of sanity, logic, enlightenment and reason are orators inspired by the gods for the positive welfare for the people.


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