Apollon’s Lyre website

Just as an FYI I have opened a website called Apollon’s Lyre. I am terrible with thinking of names for websites, it seems like my mental facilities all shut down the minute I have to create a name for something. But the gods finally had mercy on me and gave me at least a little something. And on the homepage I go into exactly why the website is called Apollon’s Lyre (as in what the name means).

Nope it is not a website about Apollon specifically, but it is a website for the gods in general and specifically focusing on the worship of the gods and Hellenismos in North Carolina (with some idea of generating local interest). This said, it will have alot of my writing and research on it. I plan on taking apart my book I had written and web-publishing the individual chapters there. This will not only generally get the information out there more but it will also allow me a more convenient way to update my research rather than rereleasing books (which is not really in my game plan).

Sadly while my portable harddrive is out of commission there won’t be anything newer going on it just yet once Ihave finished adding Apollon’s pages. The reasons for this are quite simple…I don’t have access to my research, or the chapters I began to write for Artemis. But when I get access to these things I shall begin to flesh out the area devoted to Artemis as I put together her book 🙂 I have to write books though too because I love the whole tactile experience of books and prefer reading a book myself to reading webpages.

So to visit my website go to:


Thanks ahead of time for visiting and be sure to sign the guestbook!


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