Apollon series

So I have decided to start a series of paintings revolving around the worship of Apollon..more specifically his myths and certain key epithets. This idea started with the plans I am now making for the painting called The Dawn of Spring and the Transference of the Oracle of Delphi (with a personification of spring in attendance following his chariot) in which Apollon arrives to Parnassos and is greeted by Pan and Dionysos. I am planning this specifically for the festival of his return for next spring (though I will paint it this summer so it will be ready long before then). then I thought what about a correlating one in which Dionysos is the arriving figure accompanied by autumn and Apollon is preparing to depart.

From there it was just a bit of musing to think of ideas for the pursuit of Daphne, The wedding of Kyrene, Hyakinthos, The pastures of Karneios, etc etc. In short, considering just how rich Apollon’s mythology and the mythic body associated with his worship is it is probably going to keep me busy for a long long long time 🙂 But the good news is that I am not in any hurry to do all of these, so there will be plenty of other things I will be working on at the same time, including a commission that will take most of the remainder of summer to complete that features Zagreus and the Titans.

So I shall be a busy busy bee, but I will enjoy every second of it! An artist enjoys having purpose 🙂


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