The face of the sun

With the exception of the occassional personification of mother nature, what we see the most in nearly any household of various faith (and this includes some very christian households) is the personification of the sun, and to a lesser extent the moon. We may not think about it much because it is so very common, and most of us have grown up seeing these images. The sun with his happy beaming face, smiling at all of us. Even as a child my grandmother had magnets of the smiling sun and moon that I loved. In the stores and houses everywhere you can see wall hangings of the happy sun. The sun god is everywhere, in households across the nation as common as any other kind of decor. What other deity but the sun could have found his way into every household with such ease, the glorious sun that brightens the day and brings the long hours of summer. His is a familiar face to us all. And where some may see nothing more than a cheerful image, somewhat rustic-country looking, I see the smiling face of Helios bestowing his blessings everywhere he goes. It really makes me wish that I had been able to get that sun that I had found at a mexican import store. But heh maybe I should just make my own, so that the shining face of Helios has his place of honor on the living room wall, and bringing with it the sweet memories of the carefree days of childhood. Hail Helios!


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