The visual arts

Though most associate Apollon’s worship with the domain of music (which I cannot dispute a music lover, from a family of music lovers) there is one area which gets overlooked, and that is Apollon’s association with the visual arts. I am not speaking of crafting, the necessary items given by pottery and metalworking. But creating something of breathing art with your hands that is most likely not going to be utilized in any fashion other than for sheer beauty and appreciation. This connection was certainly not unknown in the ancient world since Romans directly associated Apollon to this art, or plastic arts, in his relationship with the Muses. Statues, fall into this class, and so too may paintings as their images mimic life. Statue making and paintings are arts of mimicry, much like music and poetics. I do believe one philosopher, but I don’t recall specifically which at the moment, described poetry specifically in these terms. The arts is taking in what is around hi in order to bring beauty. So it is the same for the plastic arts of sculpture and painting. That said my sculpting utensils and paint brushes are often placed in short proximity to Apollon’s shrine, and I pray to him before I intialize my work even as I do with poetry.

Recently I have been working on a statue of Hera, which is thankfully reaching its final stages. There is some minimal work that needs to be done in definng the face and hands and that is all. Then I will be able to beautifully paint her (in a royal purple overdress with a blue one beneath) and her golden ornaments. Not to mention the red pomegranate she holds in her hands. She has taken a great deal of work but is something that I am quite proud of. Next I have been thinking to work on Artemis Hegemone. If there was any way to get an Aphrodite turned out in two days I would have done that for Aphrodisia, but that is fairly impossible I think. I have pretty well decided to personally sculpt each of the twelve Olympians (and then proceed onto minor deities that are favored in my household). And all of this began because I couldn’t find a statue of Hera that I liked! Then I thought of only sculpting those statues which I couldn’t find, and now instead I am decided on a matched set, each bearing items of important association. These statues together will be on, or around if I can put a shelf above it, the family altar in my house, for their unity of being created by my hand in celebration of the beauty of spiritual expression and my connection to my gods.


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