hellenic comic strip

I tend to have a rather offbeat sense of humor, but yesterday while I was wasting away of dire boredom trapped at the airport I considered a rather interesting idea. What about a weekly comic that I could post, I could even offsprin a different blog specifically for it, that humorously explores some of the misconceptions out there, clashes of interest and so on. I think it would be a wonderful idea. And this all started with a single panel that was going to be called Nietzchian Daydream which would portray his stereotypical assignations of Dionysos and Apollon. I think it could bea  great deal of fun. I know sometimes my sense of humor falls a little flat but if nothing else at least I will be entertained 🙂

In other news I owe a libation to Apollon and Hermes for the airport rescue heh.


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