It may seem a little materialist but….

….I really want a bow. I know I don’ tneed all the gadgets associated with Apollon. But it is part of my passion. I did archery when I was about fourteen years old, and have by wanting to get back to it for years. I just couldn’t afford a bow, and I don’ tlike the fancy compound bows. A plain wooden bow is right up my alley, and it is what I know how to use. I finally found a website that sold unfinished bows. This means they are in a raw natural form that just require a bit of personal maintance. It may seem stereotypical… a priestess of Apollon who loves archery. But why not? They are very graceful and powerful things and one of the few “sports” I enjoy. It would specifically could be an exercise i could do in honor of Apollon and Artemis!

I would also like to get back involved in Herbology and Aromatherapy. Homeopathic medicine is fascinating to me and has been something I have adored since I was a teenager. I knew how to make a few different ointments, teas and cleansers. This just requires that I get some books, and take some courses on the subject. Well, and get a few plants! So maybe a little less materialistic. Finding ways to be healthy, especially healthy in a natural way, seems to be a significant way to honor Apollon in my daily life.

Lastly I want more instruments. Music is a  big passion. I want another violin to replace the one I had, a mandolin, maybe a guitar, and I wouldn’t mind a small flute. Oh and Pan pipes. Yes yes indeed. I already have four drums, finger cymbals, and a lyre. I love the things that make the beautiful music! I can’t get enough of them! I went into a music shop a month ago and was like a kid in a toystore!

So those are my materialistic wants.


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