Delphic Maxim Poster 1

I have been working on a project to make a poster with the Delphic Maxims, but I had long came to conclusion that fitting all 147 maxims on one poster would not only render said poster difficult to read but would be considerably unattractive. So I brainstormed another idea. Three related, and graphically compatible, posters each with a third of the Delphic Maxims on them 🙂

I am not entirely sure what I want to do for the next two posters. My portable hard drive had a bit of an accident so until we get it up and running all of my original pictures from Delphi and Olympia are out of commission. I had wanted to use the picture of Artemis that I had taken like the above picture of Apollon. My other idea was that each poster would have a distinctive face of Apollon. So there would be the Apollon from Olympia, and then whatever other one I chose. But for this to work I would near all original photographs close enough to the face of the statue. To small of an image won’t work for posters. I guess I will wait a bit and hope that we can find a way to retrieve the data from it so I can continue with the final two. I was thinking of maybe one of Delphi itself in the center with Apollon and Artemis off to either side of it. The intention is for each poster to be framed and hung beside its companion posters like a three segmented image on a large wall (like the living room wall preferably). So at this point just desperately hoping for some good news soon about my hard drive!


2 thoughts on “Delphic Maxim Poster 1

    • Thanks! I should be finishing up with the second poster soon! There will be a total of three in all in which all the maxims are divided (because there was no way I was going to get them all onto one). As for the harddrive…well…we will see what can be done 🙂

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