Received a kylix

Yesterday I came home and saw that I had received a beautiful kylix depicting Apollon at his Orphic seat (take a close look at his seat sometime, its feet look like bird talons a little bit to me) with his raven in the corner. Unfortunately these reproductions are not made with the intent of using them, therefore there will be no pouring of libations or drinking from it. Though I do think that it can be used to pour flowers petals or blossoms or something likewise not liquid 🙂 So I will definently find a use for it! Or maybe use it for putting flower petals into during ritual and this can be emptied out. Hmmm it is a thought.

I also got two metal vessels that can actually be used, so these will be used for libations and drinking from during rituals. I am really excited to start using them! It is so nice to have something not unlike the traditional things that were used. These will be wonderful tools to use for the daily libations to Apollon (which actually occurs three times a day heh). So I am breaking them in today!

It is unfortunate that the Apollon one cannot be used. It truly makes me wish that I had the money for a kiln, or else I would make something that could be used that was also decorative. But maybe sometime in the feature this will be a possibility. Until then I am quite happy with what I have and will be using it quite enthusiastically!


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