Crowned with Nine Rays

Crowned with Nine Rays is actually the first part of a two part book. Originally my plan was to write six books, each book dealing with a pair of gods (for example Apollon and Artemis, Zeus and Hera and so on) but it became evident to me rather quickly that this would not be possible. Mostly for concern of the size of the volume, but also to make it a bit easier to navigate through. Therefore they are broken down into two complimentary books that will be written in companion to each other. As such I expect to start writting the book of zeus after the one for Artemis, which would likewise be followed by the book of Hera). That said, these books, while they can be read independently, are meant to be read together. In any pair of gods there is significant overlap, and since I refuse to be a repetitive writer as much as possible this means that certain things are going to be said of their pair that won’t be later repeated. Therefore, in Crowned with Nine Rays those things which I say of Artemis will not repeated in “The Hunt of the Divine”, and similarly there will be things regarding Apollon that will be in the latter book that was not in the previous one. This is just how it works for purposes of cohesiveness and my sanity as a writer!

For purchase of the first volume, go here

And Enjoy!


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