Following in the train of Apollon

Plato, in his Phaedo, says that each of the Olympians have about them a great army of those gods, daemons and souls which belong to them. He likens this to a greatest of armies flying about comprised of these armies led by the 11 Olympians (Hestia, the 12th Olympian being at Olympos). Therefore we can think of a great army comprised of 11 units, but at the head of all is Zeus, who leads not only his own unit but collectively all. Each unit is comprised of those gods which are of the closest relationship to the Olympian, and as such are sharing in his domain and reflect a general similarity to his character. Plato says that Helios is the greatest in the unit belonging to Apollon, and Apollon likewise has not only Helios but an entire host of lesser gods and daemons that follow him. The least of his company are the souls which follow him. The souls of mortals which are as of yet unable to fly to the heights of the others, but are inspired to nevertheless by love. But as Plato says in his Phaedrus, the chariots of our souls need to be developed, and part of that development comes from our journeys to get ever closer to the god we are experience this attraction, this Eros for. Therefore, to say that one is a follower of a certain god is to say more than they are just fond of that deity, or find some excellence in that deity that they admire. It is a declaration from the soul that one beleives themselves to be a soul that is traveling in the train of that god. And it is showing signs from the domain of the god in question. We who follow Apollon are ever orbiting about his domain, as planets to the sun, like little mirrors catching, absorbing and reflecting his light. We are the children of Apollon and the loves of Apollon, ever reaching our arms out to him. And we may find, as Plato says, the a like reflection of Apollon among mortals, and this we will love the god within that person as we love the god in the relationship to ourselves and in and of himself. By union with this individual we are encouraging our souls to closer alliance with Apollon by acting on each other that we may develope a closer relationship to the god. Plato says that we are taking in this beauty into the soul from the eyes and it is nourishing our souls and causing our souls to become “feathered” by which he is speaking of the souls ability to gain a closer proximity to the god. Thus our lives are ever revolving around the god and our souls are ever yearning for his company.


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