Sunday, a day for Apollon

Every Sunday I celebrate Apollon most especially. Maybe it is because the word Sun is in the day, maybe because it is the beginning of the new week and Apollon is a god of the transitional phase as he is as Apollon Noumenios at the beginning of the new month. In any case Sunday is devoted to Apollon. But this is begun not on Sunday morning, but rather instead on Saturday night. It would not be incorrect that this has been influenced to a great extent by the weekly Kyklos Apollon ritual. That it was time for sunrise on Sunday at Delphi time this has always made it Saturday night regardless of where I have lived. So every Saturday night I light the incense at his shrine and begin my rituals. As I celebrated Saturday for Artemis, this makes too a great companion ritual leading from one to the next.  I read the Orphic hymns, often times read some of my own poems, sometimes compose on the spot, as well as speaking from the heart and general prayers. And of course my lyre is never far off!

I do miss my statues though. I only have one statue, a greek maiden perfume bottle that I turned into a representation of Leto. So even that is not really a statue. Otherwise I have my paintings of Apollon and Artemis, and a lovely blue-colored blown glass swan. As Apollon and Artemis share an altar in my room (which I thought was more relevant that they do so since they share many cross-overs) it only made sense to include Leto, and also the swan is attributed to both gods. Artemis in her archaic form was portrayed at times holding swans, and those belonging to Apollon had a habit of being associated with swans. I have been reading Thomas Taylor’s introductory chapters to his Orphic hymns and he relates one particular legend where Orpheus chose to be reborn as a swan. The mythical prince Kyknos was transformed into a swan by Apollon, and Hyakinthos was likewise depicted riding upon the back of a swan even as poetry describes Kyrene carried off in Apollon’s swan drawn chariot. The swan for all purposes is belonging here to Apollon, but it is cared for, sustained, and dominated by Artemis (which also explains a vase painting in which Artemis is feeding a swan). So the beautiful stylized glass swan is a perfect addition to the altar, and that it is shaped to holding offers is perfect too!

And so Saturday ends by greeting Apollon, and Sunday begins on a high note. It is a day full of music (when I am not at work), the sweet tang of incense, and the clear pools of libations. It is also a good day for personal purifications. This includes perhaps a scrub bath to remove dead skin cells from the body with an abrassive cloth (which I have two of!), the application of sweet smelling oils, and much reading of poems and hymns to Apollon. Khaire to Apollon who is beginning the new week in beauty!


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