Packing up the shrine

Yesterday I gave final prayers to Apollon before I packed up his shrine. I handled each peice tenderly as I wrapped it and placed it in the box with those items belong to his sister Artemis. I am aware that it will be a month and a half before I see any of these sacred objects again. And I will miss them. But they are in good care while I am gone. When I return to the US the shrines will be set up and perfumed in all honor to my gods. I will be setting up Apollon’s shrine last so that I can give the remainder of my spiritual attention to him rather than moving on to another god.

I am looking forward to moving to the eastern coast. It is exciting for me because I love that part of the country. Well ok, I love being near the ocean. I am looking forward to being able to performing Delphinia at the beach. I can’t imagine anything more appropriate. And I think having access to a beach (that isn’t seperated from the ocean by miles of a dangerous mudbar) will also give me an oppertunity to connect more with Poseidon and aspect of Apollon associated with the ocean/sea. I am very much looking forward to this. I feel it is going to expand the quality of my worshipper and my understanding of Apollon even more!

I likely will not write on this blog while I am overseas, mosty because the internet connection isn’t that great. But I will look forward to giving an expansive update when I return to the states 🙂 Until then good voyages everyone until I return!


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