He Epistole summer

I am thinking of writing something up for the summer issue expanding on something I touched on in one of my chapters of my book. I may write more about it later but that is ok since it will be nice to have something ready for this summer. Already I have planned putting in the first chapter of my long poem to Apollon. This chapter is of the birth of Apollon in poetic verse. In each issue I will put the next chapter.

But since I consider myself a priestess of Apollon, albiet informal since I am not associated with any group as of yet, I am going to write something informational of Apollon too that can also give a little fun. So I will be dealing with the subject of Apollon and honeybees and the offerings of honey. I think it is appropriate for a summer issue, particularly since there are many who do bee-hiving during this time of the year before the bees go dorment. I really associate strong critters with strong cyclic ties with him, and for the same reason this same things are often sacred to other cyclic deities like Artemis and Demeter with Persephone. But that is not uncommon in Hellenic religion to have a sharing like this.

So look for this article when the issue comes out at the end of July! 🙂


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