song of movement

Completely off the wall observation, but I love sounds from movement. The rustling of leaves, the whisper of reeds by a pond, wind chimes tinkling and moaning. Strangely, though it doesn’ t  have a measured rhythm that is so paramount of Apollon’s music, there is just something of it that makes me think of sounds by his breath. In this respect I love jewlery that makes noise with the wind and with the movement of the body. I used to have beautiful bracelets and anklets with small bells on them so there would be a whisper of song every time that I moved. It is also one of the reasons why  I adored the belly dancers hip scarf. I prefer bangles that can slide on the rist and clink together. Even the necklace I have made in Apollon’s honor that I wear often has a subtle clanking of the beds and rustle of the chain. I refrained from putting bells on it. There is just this entire love affair with natural subtle sounds. Unfortunately without quiet and calm and awareness of the environment they get muffled so easily. The small subtle sounds and songs from movement all around, I connect this in some ways to the music of Apollon. It is not only the music that harmonizes and puts all in its course, but it is also the music of the heart and soul, the movement of the self and all of nature as it breathes life. This Apollon’s music. A combination of all of these things. To say his music is just the orderly music of kithara and nothing more, it is mistake the fact that while that does play a large part in his worship, the flute has too. Not only in the myth of Marsyas where his kithara is challenged by the flute, but also in a history of his worship from this article I am reading which connects the flute especially to his paeans. The flute I think is connected to him as the more earthly manifestation of his  music, the subtle shifts and variances through breath and life. So I like clicky clanky things, I like bells, wind chimes and rustling leaves just as muchas I love the sweep of the violin, bird song, and the music of human voices in chorus. All of these things are part of Apollon and play into my worship of him.


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