Book update

This is where I am at so far in writing my book. I have chapters 1-3 pretty well written, they just need some editing and footnoting (I never seem to finish the footnoting until later since when I am in the groove sometimes I can remember what book I got it from but don’t feel like digging for the exact reference citation) and then they will be perfect. I have started chapter 4. Chapter 1 for those who don’t know is an introductory chapter on Apollon. Chapter 2 is about shrines, incense, offerings and prayer. Chapter 3 is about Apollon as god of light and the role of the promise of spring in his return from Hyperborea. Chapter 4 since we are talking about renewals etc I decided to devote to the Noumenia ritual, in which I also talk about the lunar calendar etc. Chapter 5 will be about the relationship between Hermes and Apollon and discussing the significance of the mythical trade off between them of the lyre and the wand. I was going to do a chapter about Dionysos here but I decided it would have more impact closer to the Thargelia chapter, or maybe around Delphinia. I haven’t decided where exactly yet. I have also done some noting for the chapter that will be right after the Delphinia chapter, a chapter of the relationship of Apollon and Aphrodite, how they work together and overlap. I will be looking specifically of the legend of Theseus getting the oracle to let Aphrodite be his guide, and the dedication of a statue of Aphrodite given to Theseus by Ariadne to Apollo. I have some great ideas for that chapter. So there is quite a bit in the fire right now so to speak and ALOT I want to cover with various chapters. I want to explore his relationship with various Olympians (I have the beginnings of a chapter about Apollon and Hestia that I am going to start with, it will probably be chapter 7) and I also want to go into the relationship of Apollon and Pan and their representation in the Orphic hymns etc.

This writing project has not only been fun, though alot of work (you don’t realize how much time you spend writing until you are there writing it and see the hours fly by), it has also been a wonderful devotional practice since I am committing myself to alot of internal exploration of just what I know of Apollon in my own meditations and spiritual experiences with him and then coming back with research to add to it. It has made this whole experience very worthwhile for me!


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