priestess of Apollon

I was reading a friend’s blog where she was discussing the subject of needing that seperation from the world, the space for the vast role religion has in her life, and it was something I could very well relate to. When I was in the earlier day of my spiritual developement I would spend hours with various cds listening to what I thought was calming, introspective music. I think at one point I even had Gregorian chants that were given to me by a relative. My dream one day is to have a room set aside for my workspace. A room where I can paint (because this in itself is part of my devotional work to Apollon), and where I can research (so it will have an abundancy of shelves) and where I can have the quiet space needed for my worship. Just a space set aside that I can put on spiritual music, make my prayers and rituals, and focus in entirity with my god.

It is certainly not easy when you have a family. I have a husband and daughter both, and so I balance my spiritual life (which does take a considerable amount of my time) with my familial life, and in some cases (particularly with the festivals) it overlaps and joins together. Sometimes it means a little compromise, but I am fortunate to have a family that understands my quirks though they may not be quite overjoyed at it. I can spend the time in reflective prayer and meditation. When I am doing something more creative I am able to put down what I am doing and resume with little fuss. It is all about measuring and interweaving different components in my life. Certainly it can be easier, but this works for me. There isn’t a day that I don’t thank Apollon and Aphrodite for blessing me with my wonderful family and many thanks to Hera too.

Being a priestess I have found takes a high level of dedication to Apollon and is a part of all that I am and all that I do. My mother asks what makes me think I am qualified to call myself a priestess of Apollon, she asked if that is not false advertising. I told her because I am a priestess of Apollon. And my service to him is between him and I.


2 thoughts on “priestess of Apollon

  1. This is a subject that sat with me all day yesterday. I’m still poking and prodding at it. The whole putting ones self first being selfish and selfish being bad is something I turn over in my mind periodically. I don’t agree that it is — I think if more people were “selfish” about being sure to see to their needs — physical and spiritual and all of the sort inbetween — people in general might be happier. Compromises are great. They’re a part of life. But too often people go clear to the other end, sacrificing themselves for others, and that can’t be good if it’s done continually.

  2. I agree, when one looses themselves within others continually it ends up being more self destructive because it doesn’t allow for any individual growth. For me I think it is a manner of how I compromise, and when. For instance, if I am meditating or praying I want to be left alone until I am done. I choose not to compromising in this area and really a person who is respectful of anothers religion would not interrupt during such an ocassion. However, when I am writing or painting, this is something I tend to flow in and out of anyway and therefore I am more flexible to take a break, be interrupted alot etc. It also is a demonstration of how I use my spare time. I put alot of time into my worship activities, research etc, but I make my family time count. So for me at this point I have everything wonderfully balanced to fulfill all of my needs and the needs of those I love 🙂
    While it is very good to be conscious of the needs of others, we cannot continually place those needs above our own, hence the necessity of some selfishness, and this selfishness is by no means bad 🙂

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