Apollon with War

Though we don’t consider Apollon a god related to war, because he doens’t seem very warlike, especially in his khiton with his long hair and kitara, that certainly doesn’t scream warrior in any context. I have been reading some things that I think have some connection to Apollon with war. Much like Artemis soteira, the savior of ships… Artemis was honored for the naval battle triumph at the Artemisian straights. After the war with the Persians, according to my book “Thermopylae: the Battle for the West” by Enrle Bradford, Apollon was similarly recognized with a figure at Delphi with his hand at the prow of the ships. I have also read in the same book how Apollon prevented the Persians from entering into Delphi, very mythic and interesting. Though the latter has little to do with what I am talking about, it is the former statement I started thinking about. In writing about Delphinia I was noting that this is a celebration of the naval season, Theseus is giving prayers to Apollon before beginning his journey. I see this as the begining not only of the worldy naval expeditions, but also of the spiritual journey. I read in another source that Apollon Delphinios is connected with the citizen rights. What right is this? One of the associations with the name of Apollon is Apella, for assembly which introduced youths into citizenship during these gatherings of the tribes. A citizen had full rights of voting, but also was responsible,a s part of his rights in safe keeping his country. In being a warrior. I think that this can connect back to the heroic journey where one has to take on a certain amount of personal responsibility, and courage to fight. Heroes did not stay home weaving.

That said, I see Apollon’s associations with a warrior like visage to be one that celebrates Apollon as a protector and guide. Also as one who has made the transition from youth to adult and taking on all of the responsibilities that cme with adulthood. While I don’t have this all worked out in my mind, it is certainly giving me quite a bit of food for though to expand my chapter on Delphinia.


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