The pythia’s bowl

So I was flipping through the book The Oracle and there are the images I am well familiar with. The pythia sits on the tripod was a laurel branch in one hand and a bowl in the other. I have never particularly paid attention to it before, but then I was wondering what exactly the bowl is. It reminds me of a scrying tool to be quite honest. Much like people who read tea leaves will look at the patterns at the buttom of the cup, scrying catchs reflections of light on a surface. I know alot of people these days do it with crystals etc, but I have done exercises in the past that involved a bowl of water. My favorite tool has been a large abalone shell which catches the light even more so. In the presence of a weak light and a bit of imagination, the most fascinating things can be caught in the water. Though I don’t put alot of personal stock in divination, I find scrying to be a mental stimulus and has led to clear dreaming at night if I do this before bed.

I am hoping that the book might mention the bowl of the pythia. While I think it may be a scrying bowl to focus the mind away from the outside influences (really that is what I have noticed it does… when I have done these exercises I loose awareness of the things going on around me and instead play with the images and whispers in my imagination that rise from some depth in my mind), it possible that it can be just about anything. But it is interesting to consider šŸ™‚


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