Apollon and Athena

For memorial day I settled Athena on Apollon’s shrine and did a small prayer bit to them to honor those who justly fight for their freedom and against the forms of tyranny that come before them, as those who have gone before them have done. This got me thinking of the relationship between Athena and Apollon. Really I don’t particularly do much ritually with the two of them together, and don’t even think of them in the same thought. I am big enough to admit that. However, there is no disputing that there is a strong association in the worship of these gods and the way they were seen in the ancient world. Perhaps there is some connection between the embodiment of divine word (Apollon) and divine wisdom (Athena). It is not unheard of that the temple of Athena would have some proximation to that of Apollon. I believe, if I remember correctly, that such is the case at Delphi. Perhaps one of the most beautiful things I saw was at an academy in Athens, depicting Plato and Socrates, and above them on large pillars are Athena at one side, and Apollon at the other. It is understandable that both deities would patron a center of learning. Apollon as the god of the arts, and Athena who governs learning. There is an intimate tie between practice and theory if that makes sense. Athena presides over all theoretical learning and teaching, where as Apollon is intricately tied to the arts itself and the muses (this includes history, science etc). While word forms in mode of communication, as part of our lives to speak of our feelings, the future, and the past. Word is a power in itself, but we have connected to it is word theory. Like music that comes of the wellspring of our hearts, but is also connected to musical theory of how all things fit together, and what symbols means what. So while Apollon I believe is the inspirational and forming parts of language, I see Athena connected t the theoretical portions that connect developement of language, the meanings of its parts, and its organization. This in turn connects back to Apollon, because the rules and meanings of our language lend voice to poetry and meaning to the puzzles and rhymes of the ancient oracles. So I see this connection between what is (the word), and the theoretical structure (the wisdom) that leads to revelation (through Apollon). Similary, to connect back to memorial day, whereas I see Apollon as the triumphing force of freedom and enlightenment, Athena builds the structure, and formulates towards that end. So whereas I don’t often give worship Apollon and Athena simultaneously, there is definite meaning in their relationship.


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