what is dark part II

So in my last post I established what is darkness, or rather in our world what isn’t darkness. If Apollon is equally present in the spaces of solar system, or when we look up at the night sky we can see the master of stars, then what is the significance of Apollon as a solar presence and the night. I like to think of it as a metaphor when I use the imagery in poems of Apollon, Lord of the Dawn driving away the night. I mean he is still there so I don’t intend it literally. But rather the night fleeing before the emanation of the morning rays I see as a metaphor of Apollon conquering what is really darkness. Those spaces internal, not of physical nature, but of the minds and hearts, that refuse light. When I think of darkness I don’t think of the night sky with a million stars, I think of a state of a person or a society that refuses the principles of illumination into their minds and hearts. Those who hold to superstition over enlightenment for example, that abadon science and the truths of the universe for something that is contrary to nature. Anything which is contrary to nature, is what I would also consider as darkness. There is a wonderful statue that I just love of Apollon conquering superstition (represented by a nun). Apollon conquers the represses forces within us  that puts us out of alignment with our humanity and that which makes us blind to basic humanitarianism. Where we allow Apollon with all of his virtues into our hearts and minds, such darkness cannot stay. We have knowledge instead of deception, and we see the truth of ourselves rather than some fantasy, that we can vanquish what we were once before and begin again.


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