Thargelia is coming!

I am really excited about the upcoming Thargelia. Sadly my Delphinia ended up being on a smaller scale than I wanted (but I will fix that next year) but since the school year in ending on the 20th, I will have all of the 7th of Thargelion free for the festival, and this weekend I will begin preperations so that I won’t get behind. I am also starting the painting for the Thargelia contest. I did get one entry so far, so I think it is time to send the reminders again lol. For the Thargelia painting I have had inspiration as I was falling asleep one night of Leto sitting crowned with flowers and her veil wrapped around her. At her feet Artemis is standing holding a small baby animal in one arm ( I am thinking a baby goat) as she raises a red flower to her mother. And on Leto’s lap is Apollon with another small red flower in his hand. I am thinking maybe a gold snake in his other hand… but we will see. This Thargelia painting is going to be an important focus for the ritual and will have a prominent place on the shrine for the festival before it goes out to its new owner (provided I can get it finished in time but I am thinking maybe I can since I am close to finishing my other painting projects).

I will make thargelos, and the small doll for purification for the day before. I am also going to be setting up example by Theseus’s cran dance emulating the labrinyth. Since I don’t know this dance of Delos I will be instead drawing out a labyrinth on poster board and dancing through it on the floor at a certain point in the festival (thanks Plutarch!) I am really so very excited about the whole occassion!

In honor of the Hyperborean offering of “first fruits”, I will be offering up the fruits of Hyperborea.. ie amber. the small amber beads from the spring equinox will decor his shrine for this most wonderful festival.

This should prove to be a most beautiful occassion!


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