an interesting side note briefly. I have always loved hawks, I can say that I prefer them even over eagles. They have more grace than eagles and more majesty and raw power than falcons. In this part of the country we have all 3. We have small merlin falcons with the darting flights, we have powerful red tail falcons, and the largest of all eagles the american bald eagle. I once considered doing falconry, which in ak should be more aptly called hawking because up here you have to use hawks, but it never really got started for me. Still some years ago when I was seriously considering it I met a local person who was very much into it and met his small female redtail hawk.

I have up until this point, despite my love for hawks, never specifically saw how they fit totemically into my religious practice, though I had a nice upg going that associated hawks with Apollon. For all I knew eagles were of zeus, and the only bird of prey I could even roughly connect to Apollon was through Egypt and the falcon god Horus. That said I was enjoying a delightful play last night by Aristophanes called Birds and was delighted to see the subject of birds connected to specific gods. It mentioned the eagle belong to Zeus, the owl to his daughter Athena, and the hawk to his servant Apollon. A nice confirmation of upg is always delightful!

That is all for now 🙂


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