Apollon and Dionysos: the light and the vine

While I have not yet finished my chapter on the relationship  of Hestia and Apollon (entitled the Flame), I have by inspiration started working on an article about Apollon and Dionysos. I was inpired by reading an article, by what I saw as the connecting thing within the text, which when I started thinking of it made alot of sense to me. And that is namely that the closeness between Apollon and Dionysos, and often blurred lines is a relationship between the guide and the object destination. As Apollon leads the way to the god at the center, he is the guide, and Dionysos awaiting there there is a meeting point between them, a gateway where I can imagine the lines blur. Apollon can be dressed in representation so close to Dionysos, and Dionysos with the Muses. Both are rat gods that protect the first fruits, that fruit which Apollon has nurtured with his light and that fruit which is the embodiment of Dionysos.

Anyway this has been a very interesting chapter for me to write to express my affection for both gods. Granted not everyone may agree with it, but since this is a modern worship from the perspective of a priestess of Apollon, I don’t expect alot of agreement. It will be enough for me if it encourages some thinking and consideration however. It just, in the end makes sense to me, though since I come from an Orphic background that may make it glue for me more than another person, but hopefuly I can present it in a manner which if nothing else, the viewpoint can be appreciated.


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