Delphinia (the ritual)

I really had a beautiful Delphinia ritual, though I am already thinking of ways I can improve it next year. First thing that comes to mind that I want to improve is that before the next Delphinia I want to make a nice small ship for the ritual. Either out of wood or clay, but I think would be more charming. Or perhaps to borrow from a conversation with a friend of mine, maybe make a small sail to attach to half a walnut shell. Either way it will be a better boat than the scrap of tin that I used jewelry pliers on to shape into a small boat. It was a last minute mental scramble and I saw the metal sitting abandoned. So recycle šŸ˜‰

I feel the boat is an important element of the ritual that cannot be ignored. First of all that Theseus made prayers at Delphi before he began his journey to Crete to face the labrinyth and the minotaur. The festival marks the beginning of his journey. Apollon’s oracles often were recieved before an event, whether it be a journey, building a city, establishing laws etc. He is at the boundry mark of transformation. As such he is taking the role as the dolphin who led the sailors of crete to serve him in Delphi, and that is of guide. He is lighting the way to the end where he awaits for the transformation at the end of the heroic journey. The boat itself is the vessel by which Theseus traveled. On the journey of our soul it is equivalent to any physical vessel that contains and gives the soul movement. Whether that be an etheric body or the physical body itself. And in this world we must focus on our physical body and its actions carrying our soul that for which we desire guidance. So that boat itself in the ritual represents our self ready to begin its journey propelled by his sister Artemis like a dart from her bow. Though the shells added a beautiful atmosphere, it is the boat that is the focus, despite its dimunative size.

I am hoping also the Delphinia contest has a better turn out next year, but I am happy that I at least got two submissions which are currently being voted on. Perhaps it was the contest prize. I am sure that people were thinking “oh a shell, nice prize” ( all sarcasm intended here), but the test shell for carving has turned out nice and I am doing a beautiful shell over the next several days for the winner with an image carved out and painted on the shell. Hopefully when I show pics of it, it will inspire people for future contests. Or maybe not šŸ™‚

The ritual followed with the reading of my Delphinia poem in addition to the appropriate hymns to the gods. Like with all of the festivals I played my lyre a bit, and took some time for quite reflection and communication with my god. Though the ritual was briefer than I would have liked, it was full of meaning for me! I wish that there will be those who get just as much meaning from their Delphinia rituals who participate in it now and will be participating in it in future occassions.


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