Lykaea and Delphinia

So I am going to have to find a new name for my spring equinox ritual, or at least change it up a little because apparently Lykaea was a  celebration for Zeus. There isn’t alot of information about it, so I don’t feel I can really pry into it and see what makes it what, but that it is for Zeus enough said. I couldn’t find the festival in my classical dictionary but thankfully googling does help sometimes 🙂

Getting ready for Delphinia, and I have that day off as paid vacation from work woohoo! So this will be alot of fun! I have only got one submission for the Delphinia contest which is sad because I had hoped that there would be more interest there, at least enough to get four or five submissions, but apparently not. Maybe Delphinia is just not the kind of festival that folks are particularly interested in participating in. Who knows. Or maybe not personally like me, but somehow I can’t imagine that affecting something that is held in honor of Apollon.

Anyway, for the day some of Poseidon’s shells are going to be transferred to Apollon’s shrine, since Apollon just has the one shell I gave him to him from the island where I was born. Poseidon has all th enice shells from my travels etc LOL. They will of course be put back after the festival is over with all thanks to Poseidon. In a way that will sort of be putting Poseidon into participating within the ritual since I think the beginning of the naval season would have as much to do with him and with Apollon. I wish I had the talent at model making to build a small boat for the festival. I think that would be very appropriate. But modeling is not one of my easiest pasttimes. It makes me want to throw my arms up in surrender every time I have attempted it, but we will see. Maybe if I find a *really* easy small ship model I can go from there LOL. Make a small ship and paint dolphins on the side of it! That would be great!

I am still going to do a shell for my shrine with the Cretan boat and the Dolphin leaping over it. I am doing these for the contest winners too, but one is definitely going on my shrine since plans for my shrine it is what inspired the contest prize 🙂


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