Apollon prince and king (poem)

Hail to you Apollon, bright prince of earth and starry king

The expanse of your grasp is and immeasurable thin

And so too is the wide stance between your feet

For there you stand with one foot in the holy east

And beyond the waters of horizon of the west

There like the colossus you set your left foot to rest;

You are the white swan at the western edge of the sea

Infinite is your wing span, and powerful is your song

As you sing the measured order, short note and long

Turning about the world by vernal and autumnal melodies

By your power measure and weigh, purify and cleanse

Bearing your flaming torch beyond stone and sea

As the light filters down through the atmosphere like rain

To kiss and draw tender blossoms by your father’s reign

Gentle, tender life-bringer, father and lover

Wooing songs to sow son and daughter to the mother,

But there beyond in the vastness you too are king,

Where your orchestrate the planets into their ring—

Dancing to the equal measure and tone of your melody.


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