Apollon word and assembly

As I have read in Plutarch concerning Lycurgus, Apollon presides over the assembly. And why not? As the God of the right word, I often associate all manner of speech with him that serious or divinely inspired in some manner. This would include assemblies. Plutarch mentions it in assocation with the Spartans, but then Aristphanes alludes to it too in one of his plays that I started reading last night. I read just but two pages of it, but a principle character was speaking in a way that the assembly didn’t like and they told him to be silent, and he said by Apollon he would not.

Now some might interpret that as being that maybe Apollon is a god he holds in high esteem, but it occured to me that it is directly tied to the assembly and the free speech involved in assembled discussion, and Apollon’s protection of it. He has every right to speak without fear of harm or repression, and Apollon protects and sanctions that right. Perhaps it is within this atmosphere that Apollon works to inspire the words of some men, with a certain englightenment to reach the ears of many to attempt to produce righteous laws and governing.

That said I would even put informal assembling in the form of protests to be directly under the auspices of Apollon.


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