brief need to do

Just really quickly… this is a memo to me that I need to organize a list of festivals for Apollon on my temple website. If I don’t write them down my brain is going to do a massive evacuation on me.

So here comes Delphinia, now that Lykaea and Kyknosia have passed, soon will be Thargelia followed by Hyacinthia at the end of May, there is also Karneia at the end of summer. And more in between. I am already having brain spasms here 😛

I also need to make a comprehensive list of the festivals of Artemis too so that I don’t forget anything there either. The Hellenic calendar doesn’ thave some of these festivals so I am trying to get a list of everything so I can get organized and pencil everything in.


2 thoughts on “brief need to do

  1. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but where would I find the list of Apollon’s festivals and their dates?
    Although Dionysos opened the door of polytheism for me, a prayer to Artemis, as well as ram symbolism in my life, has pointed me towards Apollon.
    Your writing has been a tremendous resource. Thank You!

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