The Swan

Devotional commitment number 2.
Since I have started the Library Apollonian as part 1 (though realistically it will take time to develope into anything truly worthwhile), the second thing I want to do is to have a biannual newsletter. This is NOT to replace or take away from existing newsletters. This is one that would be solely for Apollon, with all content devoted to the god. Hence the name: The Swan.
I will still participate fully in He Epistole, since there is an unending value to this newsletter, but will also be putting alot of extra effort into The Swan, as a condensed resource for Apollon worshippers.
I think the biannual publications would be wonderful to have for Delphinia: start of the season, and either Pyanepsia or Karneia for the second issue.
While it is not realistic to expect anyone is going to submit anything for this Delphinia, since that is just next month, it still would be fun for any comments on this idea, or if I get enough submissions I might make a late Delphinia issue this year.
Kind of last minute I know, but this is going to be my pet project and is likely going to get babied to death by me. Naturally 🙂

I will need to make an official website resource center for it. That part is not my strong suite sadly loool. But I will manage.


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