crickets vs grasshoppers

Now I know that grasshoppers have a symbolic connection with Apollon because they are nature’s music makers, but really when it comes right down to musical insects I think that crickets are the kings of midnight chirping. Not only is their song more appealing, but they are cuter too. I still value the symbolism of the grasshopper, and would love a gold grasshopper hairpin like what the ionian costume included, but that said crickets are still my favorites. I won’t kill grasshoppers or crickets. As a child I used to capture grasshoppers after it rained (we get some big ones up here) and hold them in my palm a bit before letting them go again. Crickets are not native to AK, so I don’t have any childhood experiences with them really. But it was my favorite part after a summer rain was to run out into the grass and listen and watch for grasshoppers.

When I moved to the south, I got my first real exposure to crickets, they loved to sneak in the house and merrily sing until I found them, rescued them, and returned them to their food source outdoors so they wouldn’t die in the walls or something (or by the jaws of my cat). I have always for as long as I can remember considered killing grasshoppers, and later crickets, very unlucky. Maybe something latent going on there, who knows LOL.

But anyway, kudos to nature’s music makers!


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